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Overview of Services

RochesterWorks!, Monroe County's largest employment and training initiative, is dedicated to helping Monroe County in the Rochester NY region develop a strong workforce.

Services are free of charge and are available at two full-service Career Centers located at 255 North Goodman Street and 276 Waring Road. RochesterWorks! is part of the Workforce New York network.

Businesses: Getting a Sharper Workforce Just Got Easier!

RochesterWorks! assists businesses with recruitment, assessment, placement and training, and connects them to all federally-funded employment and training programs in Monroe County. Since it was founded in 2000 RochesterWorks! has helped attract millions of dollars in funding to support Monroe County companies and organizations.  Businesses using RochesterWorks! will be linked through a single point of contact to:

  1. Qualified job seekers
  2. Workforce training and skill upgrade services
  3. Economic development resources/initiatives
Job Seekers: Finding a Job or Training for a New Career Just Got Easier!
RochesterWorks! helps job seekers find jobs, move to higher paying jobs and get training to improve skills. Job Seekers visiting RochesterWorks! at any point are linked to:
  1. Available jobs
  2. Training opportunities to upgrade their skills
  3. Career planning services and resources
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