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Learn from the experience of other local business. Here's what they had to say about our business services...


"As a small company, the grant helped us provide affordable training to employees, which would otherwise not be affordable."
"[The customized grant] allowed us training we could not have otherwise been able to afford giving us much needed skills."
"[The customized grant] helped offset the cost of training so it made it more affordable."
“RochesterWorks! is as professional as you’re going to get…They have more ownership than most outplacement firms I know and really try to keep employment healthy in their state. They have a different level of commitment that shows in how they treat employees and everyone involved in a downsizing or closing. We were extremely impressed with the services they provided.”

“The way RochesterWorks! communicates and works together with the City, the Department of Labor and other organizations to bring services to small businesses is truly invaluable.”

“It is one of our greatest resources…We hold job fairs at their downtown location periodically. They have a great pool of quality skilled people. The volume of individuals we hire has helped our business grow substationally.”

“It helps us to have our postings hit a very specific group of people. The people that RochesterWorks! networks with are typically people who are motivated to work and ready to enter into the workplace.”

“They take the time to look at what we’re looking for and that allows us to be that much more successful with our clients.”

“The training we received through the grant funding was crucial to our success.”

“We’ve done on-site recruitment with RochesterWorks! and it was a very positive experience. The atmosphere, service, and staff who assisted us were all very positive.”

"One phone call to RochesterWorks! and my question or concern is addressed versus having to make calls to several agencies. With so many services housed under one umbrella, convenience is the greatest benefit.”

“The grant funding has helped us train and develop staff to acquire specific skill sets to make us more competitive and provide better quality care.”

“…a valuable resource in giving employers direct access to individuals seeking gainful employment."

“RochesterWorks! has very knowledgeable and responsive staff that is very dedicated and aware of the need to serve their clients even under challenges imposed by budget reductions and growing needs in our region.”

“RochesterWorks! works very hard to be in the forefront of workforce development in our region.”

“RochesterWorks! can be used as a gateway to understanding government resources that businesses are unaware of or that may otherwise seem inaccessible.”

“RochesterWorks! has helped our business keep its workforce employees trained in the latest technologies and has used its employment service to help us hire several employees.”

“The training has given us very valuable results—consistency, efficiency, documentation, and continuous improvement…. We are positioning ourselves to be very competitive on a global basis. The assistance we receive from RochesterWorks! is helpful in allowing us to seek that objective so we can keep jobs in the area and grow the company and the community.”

“We view the training funded by this grant as a strategic opportunity to invest in our people.”

“RochesterWorks! was able to take what started out to be an intimidating grant application process and make it understandable and achievable.”

“RochesterWorks! promotes our opportunities and refers quality people to us. They streamline the process, set expectations, and really partner with us to create a win-win situation.”

“Ongoing training is a staple in our business….Our training budget was in the six figures…. Receiving a grant was instrumental in helping us cover the expenses we were incurring.”

“We have an immense talent pool right here in Rochester…. I feel very strongly about retaining that talent and training it for the future. RochesterWorks! helps make that vision possible.”

“RochesterWorks! has done a great job of streamlining the process to obtain such funds and making it easy for small companies to take advantage of [these grants].”

“Getting involved in Recruiting ‘Round Rochester, for example, has provided us with the opportunity to meet job seekers in a small job fair environment. The process is easy—from getting involved to interviewing those that attend. Once applicant needed to apply online and another to complete an online assessment as a part of the hiring process. They were able to use the computers available in the Resource Room at the Career Center to finalize their application and complete the assessment all in one sitting.”

“I highly recommend fellow employers to utilize RochesterWorks! to assist with the sourcing of candidates. The services they offer to prepare and assist candidates to get back to work are practical and helpful. They are able to connect the right people to the right opportunities.”

“The staff at RochesterWorks! responds quickly to requests and provides fabulous customer support. It is apparent from my interactions with the staff at RochesterWorks! over the years that they care and work hard for the people they are assisting, the community, and the employers.”

“I actually think RochesterWorks! is too much of a secret here in Rochester. Anybody that has had bad experiences dealing with grants needs to know that it’s not the nightmare that it used to be 10-15 years ago. One of the things that RochesterWorks! has certainly done over the years is coming out on-site to help us through and simplify the paperwork process so that we can actually take advantage of it! It’s one of the things that I talk to our clients about all the time. You’re missing great opportunities to leverage if you don’t take advantage of these opportunities.”

“It’s these programs [grants] that have helped Rochester grow throughout the years…. The grants have actually assisted in our growth so we’re able to take the dollars we would have used for training and reinvest them back into our organization. Without all of the grants that we have gotten over the years we would be behind again, not growing.” 


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