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Customized Training Grant

If you have questions or need assistance with your grant application please contact Laura Seelman.
Funding is available for the Customized Training grant program beginning July 1, 2014. Please see below for grant information and instructions on how to submit an application.  Please carefully review the Customized Training grant overview and application as some program criteria has changed. Click here to download an electronic copy of this overview.
The Workforce Investment Board of Monroe County/Rochester has made available Federal grant funds to small and medium sized businesses in Monroe County to address employer demands for skilled workers and upgrade the skills of their employees earning between $10.00 - $25.00 per hour. Organizations may request up to $5,000 per application, for training that can be completed within three (3) months. Any training programs must be completed no later than June 30, 2015.
Customized Training grants will provide funds to businesses to train employed workers in specific skills needed by the business or industry leading to potential career growth, job retention and increased wages.  As a result of training, eligible trainees should attain in-demand, transferable skills or industry-recognized certifications/credentials.  Training should also relate to one or more of the following purposes:  introduction of new technology, introduction of a new service or the ability to serve an underserved population, and/or upgrading to new jobs that require additional skills.
Applicants are required to provide matching funds equal to the amount of funds requested.  Payments are made on a reimbursable basis once training is completed and cost and trainee documentation is submitted.  Applicants must comply with New York State Labor Law.
• Private sector for-profit or not-for-profit organizations in Monroe County may apply.
• Organizations must fall within the Economic Clusters identified by the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council including: Higher Education; Advanced Healthcare; Life Sciences; Optics, Photonics and Imaging; Energy Innovation; Advanced Manufacturing; Business Services/Software/Telecommunications; Agriculture and Food Processing; and Tourism and the Arts.
• Employees to be trained should work in Monroe County.  Individuals living in counties who work remotely or telecommute are not eligible.
• Public employees (i.e., federal, state, county, and municipal employees) are not eligible for training with these funds.
• Applications may not exceed $5,000.   Requests for funding under $500 will not be entertained.
• Organizations may apply for a maximum of $5,000 between July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015.
• Training providers, trade organizations and other third party entities are not eligible to apply for Customized Training funds on behalf of other organizations.
•  Organizations with poor performance outcomes on previous training initiatives will not be awarded funds.
•  Organizations must successfully pass the vetting process set forth by the New York State Department of Labor including a check of the organization’s OSHA records, WARN notices, Unemployment Insurance (UI) payment status, and NYS Disability and Worker’s Compensation insurance.
Use of Funds
• Trainees must earn at least $10.00 an hour and no more than $25.00 an hour to qualify for training with these funds.  This hourly rate must be calculated based on a (maximum) 40 hour work week.
• Trainees must be employees of the applicant business, not independent contractors or contract employees.  Employees identified for training should be permanent, full-time employees.  Part-time employees may be trained if training will result in their becoming full-time employees immediately following training.
• Applications will not be entertained for training that has already started or been completed.  This includes tuition for courses taken towards a degree program that has started previous to the application. 
• All training activities must be completed within three months. Any training programs must be completed no later than  June 30, 2015. No extensions will be provided.
• Funds requested may only include cost of classroom instruction (i.e., tuition or course fees), and customized training costs.  No in-house training will be funded through this program for this funding year.
• Applicants must pay at least 50% of the total cost of training. Matching funds can include one or portions of the following:  cost of instruction, wages of employees being trained while in training, training materials, and expenses associated with out-of-town training. 
• Funds may not be used for: administrative costs; construction/renovation of buildings’ purchase of equipment, training videos, training materials, or software; government mandated training (e.g. safety or OSHA training); basic or introductory computer literacy (Intro to Outlook, Word or Excel) or payment of employee wages or wage subsidies.
• Funds also may not will not pay for the costs of conference and seminars; curriculum development; soft skills training such as team building, inter-generational workplace communication, etc.; and any activities determined to be business consulting rather than training, i.e. strategic planning, coaching, follow-up, etc.
• Funds are not meant to be used for trainee acquisition of college degrees.
• The wages of employees participating in training, training materials and travel expenses are not reimbursable expenses. 

Selection Process
All applications will be subject to an evaluation by RochesterWorks, Inc. on behalf of the Workforce Investment Board.  Successful applications will solve workforce problems by: addressing identified skilled worker shortages within an industry, promoting skills upgrading for employed workers directly leading to potential career growth and increased wages for the trainees.
Application Process
Applications for Customized Training will be accepted on a continuous basis. Please allow 14 business days for your application to be processed.  Selection will depend on available funding and the number of quality proposals.   Training cannot take place until the organization has been notified of and approved for an award.
All businesses must read the Customized Training Program Overview prior to application submission. Completed applications must include the following documents:
• Customized Training Application
•  Training Budget
•  Responsibility Questionnaire
• Copy of the course outline/curriculum and proof of costs from training provider  
• Participant Information forms (including Social Security Numbers) for each trainee
•  Copy of Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) for each trainee
Applications must be submitted electronically or mailed to:
Laura Seelman
Business Services Coordinator
RochesterWorks, Inc.
255 North Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 258-3520 (Phone)
(585) 473-6755 (Fax)
Updated 7/1/14

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