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On-the-Job Training (OJT) Grants

Grant funds are available to Monroe County businesses to hire, train and upgrade the skills of workers that do not meet the minimum qualifications for a specific job.

“The grants have assisted in our growth so we’re able to take the dollars that we would have used for training and reinvest them back into our organization. Without all of the grants that we have gotten over the years we would be behind again, not growing.” – Innovative Solutions


  • Contact Laura Seelman at (585) 258-3520 to discuss your hiring needs.
  • We will help you identify qualified candidates and match them to your job opening.
  • Candidates will go through your normal interview process and if you would like to hire any of them you will notify RochesterWorks! so we can continue in the process.
  • We help you develop a training plan for these candidates that meets your needs.
  • You  will be reimbursed for a portion of wages paid to trainees. The amount of wages reimbursed will depend on the job and trainee skills. Companies are reimbursed for a portion of total wages paid to a trainee who lacks the required skills. The length of training will depend on the job and the skills/experience of the trainee.

All paperwork must be completed prior to the trainee’s first day of work. Please allow a minimum of seven business days for paperwork processing and completion.


Review the Program Overview and FAQ's then contact Laura Seelman at (585) 258-3520 to discuss next steps.

If you are a job seeker interested in training grants for continued education please click here.

Revised 7/6/16




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