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On-the-Job Training (OJT) Grants

Limited funding is available for the On-the-Job Training grant program beginning July 1, 2014. Please see below for grant information and instructions on how to begin the application process. Please carefully review the below information as some program criteria has changed. If you have questions or need assistance with your grant application please contact Laura Seelman.
Beginning July 1, 2014, grant funds are available to small and medium sized businesses to hire, train and upgrade the skills of workers that do not meet the minimum qualifications for a specific job.  The On-The-Job Training Grant will offset the cost of training new employees who lack required skills. The trainee must live or work in Monroe County. Training should result in improved economic self-sufficiency for trainees, and therefore the expected outcomes are the potential for higher wages and job retention.
The job for which the employee is being trained should be a full-time position.  Companies are reimbursed for a portion of total wages paid to a trainee lacking the requisite skills, during a normal work period.  A normal work period does not include periods of work stoppage such as holidays, sick days, vacation days or overtime.   The length of training will depend on the job and the skills/experience of the trainee. Training should lead to the acquisition of in-demand and transferable skills or industry-recognized certifications/credentials, and retention.
Payments are made on a reimbursement basis once training is completed and cost and trainee documentation is submitted.  Applicants must comply with New York State Labor Law.
Business Eligibility
 Private sector for-profit or not-for-profit businesses in Monroe County may apply.  Employees to be trained must work or live in Monroe County.
• Public entities are not eligible for training with these funds.
• Trade organizations, staffing agencies and other third party entities are not eligible to apply for On-The-Job Training funds on behalf of other organizations.
• Organizations with poor performance outcomes on previous training initiatives will not be awarded funds. Businesses who have previously participated in the OJT program will be required to submit retention information on past trainees.
• Organizations must successfully pass the vetting process set forth by the New York State Department of Labor including a check of the organization’s OSHA records, WARN notices, Unemployment Insurance (UI) payment status, and NYS Disability and Worker’s Compensation insurance.
Use of Funds 
 Trainees must earn between $10.00 and $25.00 an hour to qualify for funding.
• The maximum award amount per OJT contract is $5,000. There is a maximum amount of three (3) OJT contracts per company for the 2014-15 program year using RochesterWorks funding.
• Training must be completed within the program year July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015.
• Only unemployed candidates will be funded.  Candidates may not have previously worked for the business in any capacity.
• Trainees must have a documented skill gap to qualify for training with these funds.  Trainees must be assessed by a representative from RochesterWorks before starting their first day with the business.
• Training must lead to continued and permanent full-time (35 hours per week or more) employment with the OJT business. Independent contractors, contract or temporary employees will not be funded through this program.   OJT Funds also cannot be used for commission-based jobs.  Upon completion of the OJT, trainee wages must be no less than the rate paid during the time of the OJT contract. 
• OJT trainees should not represent more than 25% of the business’s workforce.  For businesses with 4 or fewer employees, one OJT slot is allowed. 
• Applications will not be entertained for training that has already started or been completed.
Selection & Application Process
Applications for the On-The-Job Training grant will be accepted on a continuous basis.  Selection will depend on available funding and the successful completion of the application process. Please allow a minimum of seven business days for paperwork processing and completion.  Training cannot take place and individuals cannot start work until the business has been notified of and approved for an award.
Completed applications must include the following documents:
What are your next steps?
  • Complete an OJT application and Responsibility Questionnaire
  • Send the paperwork and your job posting to us.
  • We help you identify qualified candidates and match them to your job opening
  •  We help you develop a training plan that meets your needs
  • Your company is reimbursed for a portion of the wages paid to your trainee(s)
  • The amount of wages reimbursed will depend on the job and trainee skill set

Applications must be submitted electronically or mailed to:
Laura Seelman
Business Services
RochesterWorks, Inc.     
255 North Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 258-3520 (Phone)
(585) 473-6755 (Fax)

Updated 7/1/14

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