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City of Rochester (SOOP) and RochesterWorks! (SYEP)
Request for Proposals

2016 Project-Based Summer Work Experience for Youth Ages 14-15 and 16-20


Posted: Monday, November 23, 2015
Deadline for Submission: CLOSED
Award Notification: Expected May 2016

Mandatory Bidders Conference:
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 or Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 1pm - 2pm
Danforth Community Center (200 West Avenue, Rochester, NY)
Event has passed. Click here to view Q&A from this meeting.

The City of Rochester’s Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP) and RochesterWorks! Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) formally announces a joint effort to assist youth with summer jobs. This solicitation is a collaborative effort expected to help more than 700 youth ages 14-20 secure paid and structured work experience this summer. RochesterWorks! anticipates receipt of funds approved by the New York State Governor and Legislature allocated for the purpose of Summer Youth Employment and the City of Rochester anticipates funding to be received from its general operating fund and the New York State Department of Labor. Total funding for this solicitation is expected to equal $800,000.

The City of Rochester and RochesterWorks! seek community partners to deliver structured project-based paid summer work experiences for youth.  This RFP seeks to identify local for-profit, not-for-profit, and faith-based organizations possessing an individual or team that has the capability to provide an experience in any of the specified themes. Demonstrated expertise, adequate work space, and organizational/administrative capacity with sufficient cash flow and/or cash on hand to provide pay-rolling, supplies, and make required payments to initiate the project is essential.  Payments are made on a reimbursement basis only. With a total budget not to exceed $1,742 per youth, each project should serve a minimum 10 youth, run 6 weeks, 20 hours per week, and pay minimum wage ($9.00) during the period July 11 – August 19, 2016.

Project-based learning opportunities integrate work-experience and work-based learning, or combine work-based and classroom-based learning activities including e-learning that provide basic skills instruction, research, career exploration, and life-skills training that complement the work experience. Strategic and reasonable inclusion of enrichment activity(s) to include college and work readiness is required. This activity should consist of job search and retention strategies, positive workplace behaviors, reasoning skills, recognition of post-secondary career opportunities, and other activity leading to the development of a Career Portfolio for each youth.

Proposals will be evaluated based on creativity, specificity of experience, demonstrated expertise in project themes, relevance to in-demand industries, level of youth engagement, measureable outcomes, contributing partnerships, organizational and fiscal capacity, overall cost efficiency, and individuality.

Before submitting a proposal please download and review the documents listed below.



Questions about this RFP will be taken at the Bidder’s Conference only.

No telephone calls. Questions may be forwarded in advance of conference to Kareem Hayes at


Mandatory Bidders Conference Q&A

SYEP/SOOP Bidders Conference
Danforth Community Center
December 1, 2015 and January 6, 2016

Presenters and Moderators: 
Theodore Jordan, Jr, RochesterWorks! Youth Services Manager
Kareem Hayes, Manager of Youth Employment Services for the City of Rochester

Additional tips and suggestions provided by:
Antwan Williams, RochesterWorks! Director of Youth System Services

Proposal Deadline and Email

  • What is the 2016 SYEP/SOOP proposal submission deadline? All proposals are due at 11:59pm, Wednesday, January 14, 2016- no late proposals will be accepted nor read after the deadline.
  • What is the email address to submit 2016 SYEP/SOOP proposals? Proposals need to be emailed only to:
  • Geographical – If the applicant lives in Ontario County can they apply for the RFP? A: Yes, as long as the business is located in Monroe County.
  • Can you collaborate with another program? Yes collaboration is encouraged.
  • Collaboration- should that be included in project proposal? Yes, please include all partner collaborations in the proposal.

Budget and Pay

  • What are the basic requirements for the budget? The Budget should be realistic and be something that you can handle.  The payments for the proposal are done on a reimbursement process so the program should have enough monies on hand for the proposal. The budgeted amount for each youth should not exceed $1,742 per youth. There should be a minimum 10 youth served at $9 minimum wage.
  • What are payments for youth? City of Rochester pays youth through stipends, and RochesterWorks! pays wages at $9/hour.
  • What is cost per stipend per student? Stipend for City of Rochester/SOOP is $600 per student.
  • How do RW/SYEP and City of Rochester/SOOP pay? RW/SYEP pays minimum wage of $9/ hour. City of Rochester/SOOP pays a stipend of $600 (6 weeks youth is paid $100/week).
  • How should a program address payroll in budget? All proposals should tell in proposal exactly how payroll will be processed. Specifying if the youth will be paid weekly or biweekly and what specific day of the week youth will be paid, i.e. Friday.
  • To clarify, all youth that work under RW/SYEP get minimum wage of $9/ hour? Yes.
  • If program is funded under RW/SYEP, does CORE do payroll for program? No, CORE Employment Store only does payroll for RW SYEP direct placement.
  • Now that minimum wage is going up to $9, will stipend go up too? Stipend is still $600 for this year; however, discussions are being held to increase for next year.
  • What are the indirect costs? Page 7 of 2016 SYEP/SOOP Project Proposal -spells out what are the direct costs and indirect costs. Anything in the budget that are not program costs, such as in kind costs, someone from the organization who is doing work for program but not directly involved.
  • Reimbursement for entire program? There are 2 reimbursements.  Programs are encouraged to be creative reimbursement is generally halfway through the program and at the end of program.


Proposal Details

  • What is best way to complete the proposal schedule? Be specific and detailed in terms of date, day, hours, location, and activity/task youth will be involved in while in the program. In project detail- show progression from week to week, give detailed account on what will happen each week.  
  • Considering summer school and TASC, how many hours per week? 12-4 or 1-5?  If you choose to do a morning program specify this preference in the proposal. The program should run for 120 hours over 6 weeks and should be detailed in the project proposal. 
  • Does the time frame for program need to be specifically for 6 weeks for 4 days? It is up to you in terms of how you decide to schedule work dates and times. If needed the City of Rochester or RochesterWorks, may have you adjust the hours of program.
  • What program days and hours can youth work during weekends?  For program interviews they can be done on weekends.  Working hours for the program should be done Monday- Friday from 12 pm – 4 pm or 1 pm to 5 pm. 
  • Transportation – GATES has no direct bus route.  What kind of information should be shared so that youth know? How do we inform youth of the opportunities that are available outside of the city but not accessible by bus? Think creatively as you do your proposal.  Do you have an agency van that you could use to pick the youth up from a central location in the City of Rochester to transport to your program? You can have the youth catch the bus to the nearest bus line to your location and and then pick them up? 
  • Can we use our own forms? No, you must use the forms/templates provided in the 2016 SYEP/SOOP Project Proposal.


Preference RW/SYEP or CIty of Rochester/SOOP

  • Can organization choose if program is funded by RW/SYEP or City of Rochester/SOOP? Check off preference for wages or stipend (RW/SYEP) on page 7. The decision on whether the program is funded by SYEP or SOOP is decided by a committee, preferences will be considered.


THRIVE Questions: City of Rochester/SOOP Requirement

  • Is there a new requirement for programs if chosen to be part of City of Rochester/SOOP? Yes, the City of Rochester received the THRIVE grant. Any SOOP program will be required to include and build into their proposal schedule 6 to 8 hours for required trained health curriculum.
  • Is THRIVE training age appropriate for youth who range in age from 14 to 18 years old? Yes, training is age appropriate.
  • How will a program know if THRIVE opportunity will fit with in with their schedule or be available? Each curriculum takes 6-8 hours. The City of Rochester will work around the program’s schedule.
  • Is THRIVE curriculum and training making a difference? Yes, teen pregnancy rates have dropped in Rochester.
  • In putting together the proposal-schedule, how will we know if THRIVE staff is available?  There is a THRIVE coordinator and there are many trained health educators. THRIVE is working with CFY, and other organizations and within RCSD.
  • Who is contact person who can call regarding any THRIVE questions? Call Charlie Crawl-King at 585-428-6816.
  • If program already has THRIVE trained staff for health curriculum (Baden Street MSCPT), can these healthy trainers, do their own training? Yes.


Addressing 2015 SYEP/SOOP Report Card Issues in Proposal

  • If there are Report card findings from 2015 how should they be addressed in the proposal? This is question 5 in the Project Proposal Detail and should address the area of concern and how it will be rectified for the new project.  For example, if receiving the pay check in a timely manner was the issue last year indicate how it will be corrected for this year.


Proposal Reviews/Evaluation

  • How proposals are reviewed and evaluated?
    • Proposal evaluation:
      • Look at quality of the project design
      • Serve a minimum of 10 youth
      • Timely youth compensation schedule
      • Create connections to employment and education
      • Connect youth with other programs once the summer program is complete
      • Concluding measurable outcome, i.e. mural, portfolio, tasting
      • Demonstrated capability in serving the desired population
      • Make sure the plan makes sense and that you have the ability to deliver - i.e. 50 youth with 1 coordinator is not realistic and may not be approved.
      • Cost efficiency-reasonableness of cost for the proposed project. RochesterWorks and City of Rochester Fiscal staff will review project budgets.
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Is program centrally located?
      • Considered transportation issues?
      • Can validate experience with RW or City of Rochester?
      • Selling yourself?
      • Are attachments relevant?
      • Looking at grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Bus Passes

  • Freedom Passes, will RTS offer Summer Fun pass this year? Antwan Williams, Director of Youth System Services, is in negotiations with RTS. It is expensive for youth and for the programs.  Antwan is hoping SYEP/SOOP will get a discount.  Programs are encouraged to build transportation into their budget and something different occurs then they can do a budget amendment.


2016 SYEP/SOOP Application Process

  • Where can youth and staff find the 2016 SYEP/SOOP application? (Currently under maintenance)
  • When will the 2016 SYEP/SOOP application go live? Application will be available February 22-March 19, 2016. The application can be translated into 90 languages so Spanish speaking youth and others can do the application in their primary language.
  • Who is eligible?
    • High School Students Ages 14-20.
    • Students must be 14 years of age by May 31, 2016. (Age in program is determined by the student’s age as of May 31st.)
    • If youth is in an HSE/TASC program, youth will count as an in school youth.
    • Under the City of Rochester/SOOP youth only requirement to qualify is living in the City of Rochester but for RW/SYEP, youth need to live in Monroe County and meet income eligibility guidelines.
  • What are the required documents that must be submitted?
    • Parent/School Signature Page
    • Photo ID
    • Social Security Card
    • Most Recent Report Card
    • Work Permit
  • Where are documents submitted? City of Rochester Department of Recreation and Youth Services at 400 Dewey Avenue, Rochester, NY 14613 (behind the former Jefferson High School campus)
  • When can documents be submitted?
    • February 22- March 25, 2016 (no document submission on Wednesdays)       Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday- 2pm-6pm
    • March 21-March 25, 2016 (no document submission on Wednesdays)             Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday- 2pm- 7pm
    • Two Saturdays only:  March 5th and March 19th- 9am- 12pm
  • What is the document submission deadline? Friday March 25, 2016 at 7pm
  • How can we best help youth with the application process? Share information with youth and help them through the application process if needed.
  • Rec centers will they have computers so youth can apply?  Yes.


Interviewing Youth and Summer School

  • Time of program is not compatible with summer school, can we work with the district? Working with counselors, report card February, looking to see. Also, once programs do interviews you can ask youth anticipating going to summer school. Also, consider can your program accommodate youth who are in summer school?  Think creatively.
  • Programs will have time period of May 23rd-June 3rd to interview youth candidates for their program. Expectation from City of Rochester and RochesterWorks is that programs will need to interview all youth referred.  How can this be done as it appears more difficult with time frame since usually schedule youth interviews from 4pm- 6pm? Be creative, if possible interview youth during the weekend.
  • Follow up to scheduling youth interviews, there is only one weekend to do interviews during Memorial Day Weekend, how do we accommodate all of the interviews? Be creative, we know there may be a time crunch but see how you can make it work, possibly interview youth on the weekend.
  • Why is report card required? Is most recent report card for GPA?  Report card- is required to document a youth is in school and for attendance. When youth interview times come up, programs can look at GPA to have more info on the youth.


Parent Orientation and Provider Fair

  • When are the parent orientations? 3 Parent Orientations (parent, guardian, older sibling 18+):
    • Wednesday, March 9th; 6 pm – 7 pm
    • Saturday, March 12th (1 English and 1 Spanish); 10 am – 11 am
    • Wednesday, March 23rd; 6 pm – 7 pm
  • When is the Provider Fair? Based on RFP- Provider Fair is May 7th. It is a requirement for all programs to attend, to participate, and to meet with youth.





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