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Workforce Investment Board

The role of the local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is system focused and strategic in nature.  As a decision-making entity, the WIB determines priorities of service, negotiates measures, facilitates integration, and ensures quality outcomes.  By understanding workforce development needs, anticipating trends, and focusing on system outcomes and performance, the WIB can effect substantial long-term change in the economic well being of the community.

The Workforce Investment Act outlines the primary responsibilities of the WIB as the following:

  • Oversee the local workforce investment system
  • Develop a strategic plan for the local system
  • Designate the one-stop operator(s)
  • Certify eligible providers of youth, training, and intensive services
  • Negotiate local performance measures
  • Establish performance goals
  • Evaluate and improve performance


Ex-officio (2)
Lovely Warren   Mayor, City of Rochester
Maggie Brooks   Monroe County Executive
Business (17)
Dana Abramson     Business Owner
Andrew Carpentier   President, Rochester Magnet Company
Alice Curry   Employee Care Team Manager, Hammer Packaging
Douglas B. Dobson   Facilities Manager, Carestream Health
Robert Donahue   Vice President, Corporate Services, Unity Health Services
Sergio Esteban   President, LaBella Associates, PC
Claire Fisher   President, Fisher Associates
Glenn Jeter   Owner, McDonald's Franchise
Ann Kowal   President, Special Care Systems, LLC
Kathy Miner   HR Director, Administrative Services & Employment
Joe Rizzo   Manager of Economic Development, Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation
Gary Rogers   CEO, Dock Hardware
George Scharr   CEO, Flower City Printing, Inc.
Timothy S. Shortsleeve   Partner, TYS, LLP
Stella Slaight   Vice President of M&T Bank
Robert J. Titus   CEO, Innovative Solutions
Joe Wesley           Workforce Development, Wegmans

Non-Business (14)
Paul Burke   Administrator/Workforce Preparation, Rochester City School District
William G. Clark   President & CEO, Urban League
Ann Marie Cook   President & CEO, Lifespan
Nancy Forgue   Deputy Commissioner, Monroe County Department of Human Services
Joseph Hamm     Regional Administrator, New York State Department of Labor
Nicolette Leathersich   Regional Coordinator, ACCES-VR
Roosevelt Mareus   Dean/Executive Director, Rochester Educational Opportunity Center
James Norman   CEO, Action for a Better Community
Todd Oldham        Vice President, Economic Development & Innovative Workforce Services, Monroe Community College
Kenneth Sayres   Director, Employment Skills Training & Youth Services, City of Rochester
Judy Seil   Director, Department of Planning & Development, County of Monroe
Patricia Stovall   Director, Training & Employment Programs, PathStone
Bob Trouskie  

Regional Director, Workforce Development Institute

Ken Warner   Executive Director, UNICON

RochesterWorks, Inc. Fraud and Abuse Reporting Policy
Purpose: This policy provides procedures for reporting incidents, including but not limited to criminal fraud, criminal abuse or other criminal activity and noncriminal complaints, such as waste of funds, to the Workforce Development Manager in Monroe County's Planning and Development Department, the New York State Department of Labor, and to the US Department of Labor's Office of Inspector General, through the Incident Reporting System.

Scope: This policy applies to all RochesterWorks, Inc. employees, subcontractors and subrecipients.

Reference: Title 20 Code of Federal Regulations ( CFR ) Section 667.630

Policy and Procedures:
All employees, subcontractors and subrecipients shall promptly report any incidents of fraud and/or abuse by mail to: Workforce Development Manager, Monroe County Economic Development Division, West Main Street, Rochester, NY 14614. The incident should also be reported through the Incident Reporting System at the US Department of Labor's Office of Inspector General by phone at 1-800-347-3756 or by mail to:

Regional Inspector General for Investigations
230 South Dearborn Street , 7th Floor
Chicago, Il 60604-1505
A copy of the information should also be sent to:

U.S. Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration
230 South Dearborn Street , 6th Floor
Chicago, Il 60604-1505

New York State Department of Labor
Complaint Officer
Workforce Development & Training Division
State Campus; Bldg. 12, Rm 440
Albany, NY 12240

Subrecipients should also establish, document, and implement procedures to immediately notify RochesterWorks, Inc. of any suspected or proven fraud, abuse, or other criminal activity involving WIA-funded activities.

This policy will be included as an appendix to each RochesterWorks, Inc. WIA-funded contract, presented to employees at orientation, posted on the website,, and posted on the bulletin board in the employee break room at 255 N. Goodman Street , Rochester, NY 14607.

Updated 4/15/2015


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