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Youth Committee

The Monroe County/Rochester Youth Committee serves to advise the local Workforce Investment Board on the development and implementation of workforce development services to youth throughout Monroe County.

The Committee will lead the integration of services to youth in order to make more efficient and effective use of program resources from all system partners.

The Committee is comprised of volunteer members with special interest or expertise in youth policy including but not limited to youth service agencies, juvenile justice and local law enforcement, education, public housing authorities, human and health services, parents, business representatives, and grantors.

Elizabeth Skender   ACCESS-VR
Kareem Hayes   RIT
Shalym O. Náter   Ibero-American Action League
Reginald Walton   Job Corps
Joan L. Moorehead   Monroe Community College
Mike Barry   Monroe County
Richard Turner   Monroe County Department of Economic Development
Chuck Allan   Monroe County Department of Human Services    
Karla Boyce   Monroe County Department of Human Services    
Hanif Abdul-Wahid   Monroe County Department of Workforce Development
Staff - Bibianna Silvera-Portacio   RochesterWorks! Inc.
Staff - Hilda Betances   RochesterWorks! Inc.
Staff - Theodore Jordan, Jr.   RochesterWorks! Inc.
Staff - Viatta Tolbert-Carter   RochesterWorks! Inc.
Staff - Antwan Williams   RochesterWorks, Inc.
Staff - Cassilda Campbell   RochesterWorks, Inc.
Leslie Harvey   The Housing Council of Rochester
Beverly Gushue   U Prep
Rosemarie McKinney   United Way of Greater Rochester
Jessica Wilson   Villa of Hope
Caridad Sosa-Blackwell   Volunteer, Parent Representative
Keith E. Babuszczak, Ed.D.   Chief of School Innovation for Career Pathways and Integrated Learning
Patricia Stovall-Lane    PathStone Corporation
Jamilah Oquendo   Office of Probation    


The Youth Works Model

The Council believes that fundamental to the creation and growth of a sound, inclusive youth investment system that can sucessfully engage and develop our emerging workforce, is the commitment and ability of key state and local community leaders to position, support, and grow the capacity of collaborative efforts involving grant funding and/or otherwise.  The Youth Works-A Workforce Development Model focuses on how our community can create an environment/system that addresses the interests of family, business and industry, K-12 education, workforce development, youth groups, community and faith-based organizations, local government officials, and others.  Click here to see more of our Youth Works Model.
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