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Free Online Typing Tests 

Measure your average typing speed and practice with 1, 3, and 5 minute tests to increase your accuracy and words-per-minute counts.
Test Your Typing Skills  How fast can you type? Find out with our free typing test that works in your web browser and takes only a couple of minutes to complete.

Job Search Help

Career Zone A creative website designed to provide in-depth information on a wide variety of exciting careers in New York State.

Working Papers - For youth under 18  years old There are plenty of jobs for teenagers available – summer jobs while you are on break and part time jobs you can keep throughout the year. Start looking for teen jobs in the Rochester area with

Career One Stop A gateway to job listings, resumes, and career information nationwide. The biggest and best collection of free employment and career resources on the Internet.
Learn. Do. Earn! represent the business community -- your future employers. Step 1: Learn something important, Step 2: Do something that will prepare you for your future, and Step 3: Earn a credential that your teacher can give you as a reward for your accomplishments.
Youth Rules! An innovative approach to bring teens, parents, educators, employers, government, unions and advocacy groups together to ensure youth workers have safe and rewarding work experiences.

Education and Career Advice

Know How to Go!  College doesn't just Happen!       

nextSTEP - Your Life After High School Plan your sucess after high school and learn aobut careers, colleges, and more!

StudentJobs.Gov  Learn how to apply for jobs, build your resume, or find an ideal job. provides information on Federal Government job opportunities.

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