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Year Round Employment Programs


The goals of year round employment readiness assistance are to increase the basic skills of local youth, provide structured employment opportunities, job retention and increase earnings. This assistance is provided through contracted Navigator Services to prepare in and out-of-school youth for a successful post-secondary experience.


Must be between the ages of 16-24
Must meet income eligibility (Proof of income required)
Copy of Social Security Card, Proof of date of birth
Verification of Selective Service
Identification of at least one potential barrier to employment
Emphasis for services is on youth 17-24 not in school or employed

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Year Round Youth Services serve youth between the ages of 16 and 24 who possess a potential barrier to employment and meet specific income guidelines. The goals of the WIOA are to increase the basic skills of local youth, provide structured employment opportunities, job retention and increased earnings. Services may include internships, summer, part-time and other opportunities for employment and workforce development.

The information below is intended to assist youth in applying for participation in these services. Completion of this application does not guarantee participation. Additional information is required.

In Monroe County/Rochester there are limited slots available. Refer to the RochesterWorks! Career Center for additional details.

Youth applicants will be required to submit a completed and signed application and produce all required documents (Income Guidelines and Acceptable Documentation). Formal enrollment only occurs when Rochesterworks! or an authorized Navigator Agency has reviewed and certified the complete application packet. This is generally accomplished through written notification.

If there are no slots available an eligible applicant can referred to another appropriate community-based service provider. Once enrolled and based on need and available funding, youth may participate for more than one year.

Important: Youth will not be accepted without a completed application packet which includes all required signatures and documentation. If an individual is unsure how to obtain any of the required documentation or is in need of assistance completing the application they can contact the RochesterWorks Career Center at (585) 258-3500.

*WIOA year round youth services require a sincere commitment. With assistance each youth will complete an Individual Service Plan (ISP) which outlines their goals and objectives while participating. During their involvement youth may work with private or public employers gaining valuable hands-on experience along with appropriate workplace behavior. If a youth under 18 years or younger the parent or guardian will be required to sign a parental/guardian consent form provided by RochesterWorks!. The consent form will include relevant contact information such as location, supervisor and telephone number.

Proof of Income is required.  


For additional assistance with WIOA funding for youth workforce readiness services or WIOA funded youth programs please contact Antwan Williams, Director of Youth System Services at (585) 258-3540 or Theodore Jordan Jr., Youth Services Manager at (585) 258-3537.

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