ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) – The United States Postal Service is looking to hire 50 new mail carriers in Rochester. The position of a city carrier assistant requires workers to deliver and collect mail on foot or by vehicle. Pay rates start at $16.78 an hour. Workers should be open to working weekdays, weekends and holidays. All applicants must have a valid state driver’s license, a safe driving record, and at least two years of documented driving experience. A written exam is required for all applicants, as well. Potential employees will also be screened for an employment history background check, military history, criminal conviction history, drug screening, and a personal interview. Applications will be accepted through June 23. There is no fee to apply. People who are interested can apply here.
Are you looking for a rewarding career in public service with great benefits? Answer the call. The City of Rochester Emergency Communications Department is hiring ambitious and dedicated individuals as 911 Dispatchers and Telecommunicators — no prior experience is necessary. Apply by June 30, 2018 to take the civil service entrance exam in August. Find out more about how you can make a positive difference in the lives of others, every day, at or call (585) 528-2200 for more information.
Individuals are becoming employed through various programs at our RochesterWorks! Saint Paul office, here are some of the things being said when asked the question, how has becoming employed changed your life? Lavonia Dunbar (Assistant Teacher) The Rite Care Child Development Center: “Having a job has changed my life. It is helping a lot with my Kids because I now work with kids. Also, I now can do things with my kids as well.” Danielle Downs (Office Manager) Native American Cultural Center: “Getting employed has helped my life out a lot. It’s a big change working but the outcome is very good. I am now off Social Services!” Lonnie Watkins (Welder) Mossman Tebbs LLC. “Having a job has given me a chance to look forward to getting up and going to works instead of just sitting around or just doing Work Experience; It gets food on the table! As for the overall experience with the program I give it a 10- it has been an excellent experience. I appreciate you (the team) so much and all the help you gave me! Thank you!” Corey Kusse (Advisor) RochesterWorks! “With resume in hand and my renewed confidence from the job readiness training and despite all the anxiety and fear in the beginning, I had changed because of this program. On May 1, 2017 after interviewing I started my dream job at Rochester Works! I am able to help build confidence and help others on their way to their success. Becoming employed changed my life in millions of ways.” Gregg Walker (Racker) QoS: “Becoming employed has affected me I a good way. I enjoy being independent and having a place to go in the mornings. It’s great to be a productive member of society!”
Rochester Precision Optics is #hiring! 50+ positions available in A, B, and C shifts in our ultra-modern, high tech #optics manufacturing facility. RPO is a global leader in precision optics, optical components, and optical assemblies. As one of the fastest growing companies in Rochester, RPO offers exciting career paths and the opportunity to work on market-leading programs. We specialize in a full spectrum of products & services including – Design and Engineering, Systems Integration, Lens Assembly, Visible and Infrared Components, Glass and Plastic Molded Aspheres, and Thin Film Coating. Apply here:
RochesterWorks! and Monroe County Department of Human Services have partnered with the Young Adults Manufacturing Training Employment Program (YAMTEP) to provide another benefit to individuals involved in the Work Experience Program. In just 90 days, YAMTEP bridges basic skill gaps for entry level employment in manufacturing that many individuals receiving benefits from the Department of Human Services face. “Students are taught basic manufacturing skills, attendance, punctuality and soft skills,“ says training founder Tyrone Reaves. “This allows them to enter into the workforce and become valuable and productive employees.” If an individual is not hired by the program’s end, RochesterWorks! sponsors a job fair exclusively for those completing this program. YAMTEP partners with several community agencies and strategic partners to obtain higher success rates. To date, YAMTEP has completed three series of trainings and has successfully graduated more than 25 people from the Work Experience Program. This type of training is very practical for a population requiring marketable skills and a quick turnaround time to employment opportunities for lucrative futures.



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