Hilda came to the Work Experience Program with substantial experience and success in her entire adult life. Having no prior experience with social services she was uncomfortable and sometimes frustrated to be a part of the process. “Applying for benefits was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I had to use the system the way it was designed. Many people think that people on benefits are lazy and take advantage of the system. I am here to say that perceptions are not always accurate. I did what I had to do and I succeeded. I no longer need the system but it worked for me.” “You have to get the most out of the Program,which is developed to help people by placing them at sites that may become job opportunities, as it did for me. You can at least get a good reference or recommendation. But you cannot be successful unless you are willing to be responsible, reliable, and work hard for a job opportunity. With perseverance,it can be done.” Hilda now works full-time at RochesterWorks! “The feeling of earning a living cannot be compared to anything. I am in a much better place.”
OBJECTION: We’re not hiring. ANSWERS:
  • That’s okay. I’m not applying for a job. I am interested in your advice.
  • That’s okay. I’m not in any hurry. I just wanted you to know what I have to offer in case something opens up later.
  • That’s okay. I just wanted to know if you would take a look at my resume and give me any advice, ideas, leads, or referrals that come to mind.
  • That’s okay. Perhaps you can think of someone else who might be interested right now in what I have to offer. Your referral would be appreciated by both of us.
  • This’ll only take a moment.
  • Yeah. I heard you guys were pretty successful right now. (then, STOP, no matter how long the silence)
  • I’d be happy to meet you early, late, during lunch, even after work. What’s best for you?
  • What’s a better time for me to reach you?
OBJECTION: Send me your resume. ANSWERS:
  • Well let me tell you what’s on it. I’m the one who… (then go into your elevator speech).
  • What’s your email or your fax number? I’ll send it and call you right back.
  • I’ll bring it to the meeting. What’s a good time for you?
  OBJECTION: I’m not the person you should be talking to. ANSWERS:
  • But I’m not applying for a job. I got your name from ———. She said you were quite knowledgeable about this field. I just want to know if you would have a moment to share with me any advice, ideas, leads, and referrals.
  • Actually, I’m going to be applying through “official” channels, as well, but I wondered if you could give me a little inside information.
  • Who should I be talking to? I appreciate the referral.



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