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Services for Businesses

Serving small, middle, and large size businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and nonprofits located or hiring in Monroe and surrounding counties.

How do I contact the Business Services Team?

About the Incumbent Worker Training Grant (IWT)

IWT: Business Eligibility

IWT: How Do I Get Started?

IWT: How it Works

IWT: Training Eligibility

About RochesterWorks Job Fairs

Community Job Fairs

Recruiting Events at the Career Center

Virtual Job Fairs

About the On-the-Job Training Grant (OJT)

OJT: Business Eligibility

OJT: How Do I Get Started?

OJT: How It Works

OJT: Job Eligibility


Financial & Grant Assistance

Start-Up and Small Business Assistance

Tax Credits

How do I post a job on the RochesterWorks Job Board?

What is the RochesterWorks Job Board?

About the Work Experience Tryout Program

Work Experience Tryout: Business Eligibility

Work Experience Tryout: How Do I Get Started?

Work Experience Tryout: How it Works

Work Experience Tryout: Job Eligibility


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